About Mak Techno Park

Mak Techno Park is a visionary IT company, founded in the year 2016 with a vision to explore the depth of technology and use it as a tool to enhance the standards of living.


eing a visionary company, Mak Techno Park focuses on core IT development and research rather than just providing generic IT services. It aims towards developing technology and implementing it in various industrial sectors.

The company works for giving a whole new meaning to technology and that is how it makes a difference in the IT sector and have earned its reputation as one of the leading IT companies in India.


ak Techno Park declares it's mission as to bring about a technological revolution and create a world of limitless possibilities. Through the implementation of advanced technologies, it strives to make the existing technical standards better.

We Understand the need of technology in people's lives. Whether to study or run a business,technology is always involved in some or other form and thus is a part of your life. We work towards making this part of your life better.

Mak Techno Park will make you fall in love with technology!

Our Skills Over Various IT domains

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UI/UX Design

Web Development

Mobile Development

Digital Marketing

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